HOPE provides short-term assistance to those who find themselves in a financial crisis due to a sudden predicament.


"He can be your friend. He can be the man behind you in shul. He can be your neighbor. He can be your second cousin. He can be the fellow you met at the supermarket today."

He is a normal guy, yet he’s facing an abnormal challenge.

A challenge that although may not be visible on the surface, threatens to destroy the functionality and peace of his home. He has no one to whom to turn. He needs help. He needs HOPE.

HOPE, Helping Out People Everyday, is a nonprofit organization that provides short-term assistance to those who find themselves in a financial crisis.

Crises do not come with warning.

When a sudden predicament befalls a family, such as the illness of a member or loss of a job, funds drain rapidly and a household can be thrown into utter distress and despair as the upkeep of day-to-day expenses becomes insurmountable.

Yet, there is HOPE. HOPE steps in to ensure those struggling to make ends meet get back on their feet. By dispatching grants to help recover growing debt and negotiating routine bills such as tuition, groceries, rent, utilities, and household help on behalf of those struggling; HOPE helps alleviate the financial burden of families in need. HOPE is there to restore stability and dignity. HOPE is there for those who do not officially fit into the so-called group of "Tzedaka worthy." HOPE is there for those who are ashamed to knock on the doors of family and friends or share their story publicly in order to be supported.

HOPE is there to listen to the silent plight of people within our community who are living with the crushing anxiety of not knowing from where the next dollar will come. Through a purely confidential hotline, HOPE receives dozens of voice messages each week from people who have no choice but to reach out with an urgent plea for help.

By directly providing funds and networking for reasonable payment plans, HOPE not only aids people to creep out of their financial hole, but also makes it possible for them to move forward and manage a more secure financial future.

Where there is HOPE, there is hope.

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