Eli was inspired to undertake the founding of this organization due to the encouragement of his rebbe, the Kossoner Rebbe, who pressed him to utilize his strengths for a devar mitzvah. After an acquaintance of Eli endured challenging situations and there was no one who recognized the need to step in and assist with covering the basic costs of living - housing, groceries, car payments, tuition, and other day-to-day needs – he established this outstanding organization that is a literal lifeline to these families drowning in despair.


Our mission is to ensure that for EVERY crisis, there is HOPE!


Eli Goldring


In March 2015, the concept of launching an organization to help "regular" people, who find themselves in a temporary crisis,  was born.
These are hardworking people, who put in many long hours to provide for their families, yet find themselves coming up short due to an illness in the family, a job loss, or other sudden obstacles.
HOPE was founded to ensure that they no longer find themselves alone. These people who find themselves facing temporary setbacks are in a painful crisis which affects their  family and financial lives, and HOPE has arrived on the scene to ensure they no longer have to navigate any crisis alone.
Be it assistance with paying for tuition or grocery bills , negotiating reductions with schools or stores on their behalf, or other financial aid, HOPE is dedicated to being there for them in their time of need.

HOPE was founded to ensure that they no longer find themselves alone!

Yehuda Susskind


I always felt a very strong desire to help those that are doing their best to support their families but then find themselves in a temporary financial crisis due to an unforeseen circumstance such as an illness or other sudden occurrence.
It was in December of 2016 that I decided to do something with my strong desire to help such individuals. It was at that time that I joined Hope Organization and was one of the best decisions I ever made.
I see firsthand how much of a difference we are making in peoples lives that otherwise have no one to turn to. These are individuals that everyone else may think are OK because one or both parents are “working”. Little do they know that one of the children in the family have cancer and one or both parents have not been working for several months.
It is these families that we find out about and help them manage during their darkest days.

Together we can help our neighbors!