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It was back in 2016 when Mr. Eli Goldring, founder of HOPE, awoke to the plight of fellow community members in need of desperate help. When a close friend’s child fell ill and was in need of hospitalization, Eli’s friend quickly found himself in a serious financial hole. Being unable to attend work as he was needed at his child’s bedside, a steady income was no longer feasible. As their savings dwindled, the family’s situation turned bleak. Eli jumped in to raise funds to help support the recovery of the family. During this time, he was made aware of so many others in similar circumstances, silently struggling with nowhere to turn.

It was then when Mr. Goldring decided that we can no longer afford to just hear of our brother’s pain. We must also listen. We can not just be moved by his story. We must move and take action.

Enter HOPE: HOPE, Helping Out People every day, was founded to fill that void. Along with the hearty endorsements and support of countless Rabbanim, HOPE became and continues to be the beacon of hope for so many in the community who live with the heavy burden of sustaining their families while dealing with a sudden crisis. To manage finances and assist in fundraising, Mr. Yehuda Susskind partnered as an administrator. Community members- who heard about the HOPE mission- additionally joined, forming an exceptional team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping others in need.

The HOPE team works tirelessly throughout the day and night to supply funds to ensure families are able to manage daily living expenses, thereby alleviating their growing debt. In this way, HOPE provides short term assistance, allowing recipients to catch their breath as they attend to a family crisis, enabling them to heal and recover.

Executive Board of Trustees

R’ Yossi (Joseph) Kahan

R’ Yaakov Naftula Rottenberg


R’ Avrumi Green

HOPE was founded to help “regular” people out of temporary setbacks. There are hardworking people who invest much time and effort to provide for their families, yet find themselves coming up short due to an illness in the family, a job loss, or another sudden obstacle. HOPE was founded to ensure they no longer find themselves alone. Be it assistance with paying for rent or utility bills, negotiating reductions with schools or stores on their behalf, HOPE is dedicated to provide financial aid and be there for others during their time of need.

Eli Goldring


I have always been passionate about helping others who are less fortunate. I joined HOPE in December of 2016 to help those in need. I see, firsthand, how much of a difference we are making in the lives of people who otherwise have nowhere to turn. These are individuals who may seem “ok” to an outsider, because one or both parents are working. Little do others know, a child in the family is sick with cancer and one or both parents have been unable to work for months. It is such families who turn to us, confidentially, for help. It is such families who we are supporting and guiding through their darkest of days.

Yehuda Susskind


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we all saw, firsthand, how business owners and employees were in dire need of strategic financial guidance. As the age old saying goes: “There are many who give advice, but few who offer guidance.” It was during this time that I took the opportunity to partner with HOPE in order to help brainstorm and launch the idea of leveraging the knowledge of talented individuals to benefit the community as a whole. Guided by HOPE is a collaborative effort of like-minded professionals who dedicate their time to provide coaching, guidance, and resourceful knowledge to those in need. Whether it’s a company undergoing bankruptcy, a small business facing challenges, or an entrepreneur just starting out; Guided by HOPE is here to help create and maintain stability for future financial growth.

Moishe Ashkenazi / Michael Ash

Co-Founder of Guided by HOPE

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