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what is referred by hope

Referred by HOPE promotes the goods and services of small businesses within our community.
By building partnerships between local businesses and potential clients and receiving a percentage of the profits, HOPE boosts revenue for companies and gains funds for families in need.

Our Services

Utilities - supplying essential services

Meet Totty. Totty is your second cousin. He was laid off five months ago and is still searching for a suitable job. He wakes up and goes to sleep with the heavy burden of dwindling savings on his shoulders. He’s anxious about what tomorrow will bring. He got continuous alerts from the electric company to pay up his outstanding bills, but since he was unable to, the lights will now remain off. His family faces the difficulty of living without electricity, in the dark. Totty hopes to be able to pay his bills so he can maintain a functional household, as any father would. HOPE is there. HOPE funds his utility bills, while he finds himself a new job. It is fathers like Totty who rely on HOPE to help them out of their desperate crises. It is you who gives HOPE hope.

Household help - arranging for a cleanly environment

Meet Chaim. Chaim is your old chavrusa. His wife became seriously ill a year ago, and he put his entire life on hold to attend to her needs. On a daily basis, he juggles the responsibilities of both a father and a mother. For many hours each day, he sits by Rina’s side to ensure the nurses are giving her what she needs, speak to her about how the kids are doing, listen to her worries and pains, and reassure her that everything will, one day, be ok. When he returns from the ICU, he needs to feed the children, help them with homework, and put them to bed with no help. His apartment needs the basic cleaning to keep things running. His wife and children need all the time and attention he can give- he can not attend to household chores. His family faces the discomfort of a dysfunctional and unclean home. Chaim hopes to be able to get household help so his children can live in a tidy home, as any father would. HOPE is there. HOPE arranges for cleaning help, so that Chaim can focus on his wife and his children’s needs while she gets better. It is fathers like Chaim who rely on HOPE to help them out of their unfortunate crises. It is you who gives HOPE hope.

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