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HOPE is entirely funded on generous donors like you. With your help, we can continue providing financial support, guidance, and most of all, hope to people experiencing temporary setbacks. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many who are struggling. Open your heart and your pocket and give to your own brothers and sisters who are drowning in bills and don’t see hope in sight. Join us in our effort to help restore security and dignity to those amongst us who have nowhere else to turn.

Every dollar can help. No amount is too small. Give what you can to help those who need it so desperately. Give them the hope they need. Give them the hope they deserve. May you never know the pain, humiliation, or uncertainty of financial crises. May you always remain on the giving end of tzedaka.

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Day $54

Month $720

Week $180

Yom tov $1,200

Elementary School Boy $4,200

High School Boy $7,200

Elementary School Girl $3400

High School Girl $10,000

Babysitting Services (week) $150

Babysitting Services (month) $600

Cleaning aid (week) $300

Cleaning aid (month) $1,200

Half-month rent $1,400

Full-month rent $2,800

Half-month mortgage $2,200

Full-month mortgage $4,400

Gas $54

Water $180

Phones $101

Electricity $260

1 session $180

10 session $1,800

Consultation $360

Electricity $3,600

Low-End $540

average $1,000

Basic $720

High-end $1,800

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